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>> ready to talk to syrian fighters, reports from russia that there's a change of heart. hello, this is al-jazeera, also in the news -- it first south korean female president takes power with a warning for the north. anchor in palestinian -- palestine over the death of a man in israeli custody. and a film about the iranian hostage crisis takes best picture at the oscars.
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syria is now ready to talk to armed groups in an attempt to stop nearly two years of civil war according to the country's foreign minister, who is in moscow holding talks with his russian counterpart. they said that further bloodshed should be avoided as it may lead to the collapse of syria. >> the opposition coalition has given out conditions for dialogue not meant to bide time , but they released the victim as a specially women. we are open to all options ending the killing and destruction. >> first, charlie is live for us from moscow with more on those developments. what more did they have to say? >> after saying that the syrian
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government is ready to dialogue, all of the who want dialogue, he went on to say that a branch about qaeda it is the main fighting force in syria -- a branch about tied it is the main fighting force in syria. these other words that moscow does not want to hear, one of the biggest worries over a destabilized syria is that it will impact russia's own troubled relationship. that aside, the talk of dialogue is very encouragingly. that was the aim of bringing them here to moscow. especially gratifying considering that the head rejected an invitation for talks from moscow from saturday. hoping to bring the two together, that would have been a real diplomatic coup, but it will not happen quite yet. not to say that russia's position has not changed. crucially he added that it was not based on support of any
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particular personalities. the syrian government is going to be very keen to keep russia as allies throughout the week. they have been the country that has shielded syria from many un security sanctions by using their veto three times and have continued to supply forces with arms. but these talks have just begun and obviously more could emerge. >> let's bring in our correspondent from beirut. is this the kind of thing that the syrian opposition can respond to? >> we already have -- we already heard from the head of the armed groups in syria. he said yes, they are willing to talk and hold dialogue with the government, but the general need to be put on trial and held accountable for what they did over the past two years,
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obviously this is not a condition that the president will apply it to or accept. we are still at the very early stages where each party is setting the standard very hard before they enter into the real negotiations process where they bargain on their positions. >> thank you indeed. will diplomatic maneuvers -- diplomatic maneuvers concerning syria are taking place across the middle east today. the head of the opposition, also in cairo, adding a few hours. on the sidelines of european union talks with turkish leaders, the new u.s. secretary of state heads to russia on tuesday. he is also due to meet the opposition later in rome.
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palestinians in the occupied west bank are burying a man who died in jail over the weekend. they say that he died of a heart attack. palestinian authorities say that the autopsy report shows that he was tortured. nicole johnson is there in the west bank. people are pretty angry about what has happened, safe to say? >> that is right. earlier as the body was passing through the city it was viewed by the family. there were thousands of people on the streets showing their support and solidarity with the family. they expressed their anger over his death inside an israeli prison.
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people were not surprised to hear the palestinian authorities come to the conclusion that he had died not from natural causes. they had rejected the israeli version of the events. some clashes have been reported in areas between palestinian demonstrators and the israeli army. there have not been any huge rallies or violent protests today. nothing was organized as such. we did not see big clashes inside the city itself or outside the military base near ramallah, another location for large demonstrations over the last couple of weeks. >> pretty worried about when this could all go, they not? >> that is right, israel has called on the palestinian authority to get things under control, putting them in a difficult position. they do not want to be seen as
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complying with israel's demands, so to speak, but there is a lot of concern throughout the west bank that this frustration and anger over the issue of palestinian political prisoners, which is not a new issue, that this could lead to more demonstrations and a bigger uprising, which neither side wants to see at this stage. most of the protests have been pretty quickly put down by the israelis. robert coates, steel bullets, and in some case live fire have been put towards the palestinian protesters. >> in italy voting is underway on the second and final day of a high-stakes parliamentary election. the polls indicate a closing gap between the center-left leader and a former prime minister, silvio burma stoney. >> the second day of voting is underway here in italy. pollwill close at 14 and we
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should have some preliminary results straight away. straightaway the horse trading will begin. if the poll published two weeks ago, the last one before a ban was imposed, if they are to be believed the head of the center- left democratic party should be able to form some form of coalition within the upper house and lower house. gloria monty and his group are not expected. but there is a lot of question. will mr. berlin stony have managed a last-minute surge? he owns three of the main television channels in italy and has been on television pretty much nonstop, making all sorts of promises, including giving back a very unpopular property tax to italians that they have had to pay. but the real wild card is the comedian turned activist. some polls say that he cou
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have the second biggest group in parliament. >> he has made it very clear that his asking would mean that his group would not form any kind of coalition with the current batch of politicians. possibly all of the other parties with the italian government are usually based on coalitions, they take quite a while to sort out, usually. we may have a new pope before we have a new prime minister. >> breaking news out of the u.k., colonel keith o'brien, the head of the catholic church in scotland has resigned after allegations over the weekend of "inappropriate behavior going back some years. cardinal brian has denied all of those allegations. nonetheless, he has tendered his resignation. he will be stepping down as head of the conclave to elect the new pope. breaking news out of the u.k.,
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cardinal keith o'brien, the head of the catholic church in scotland, resigning. denying allegations of inappropriate behavior going back over some years. we will have more details on that story in the coming hours here on out jazeera. some of the stories making headlines around the world right now, a poet jailed for life, his sentence has been reduced to cent -- to 15 years. found guilty of inciting to overthrow the government two years ago, international human rights groups have widely criticized the life sentence that was handed to him. fighting between the arab tribes in western sudan has wounded 62 people over the weekend. the governor says that the army has restored order in the area. the president of the philippines has signed a law that would compensate victims of human rights abuses committed while ferdinand marcos was in power.
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$244 million will be distributed to potentially thousands of people. the first female president in south korea has been sworn in in a ceremony in seoul. she called on north korea to stop wasting its resources on military weapons. >> in the tens of thousands they streamed into the square ahead of the national assembly for the swearing in of their first female president. ♪ she was still in her home, from the southern section, but the bigger applause was reserved for the new president, who formally took the oath of office. she has been part of south korean public life for most of her own. as the daughter of a late military dictator, she acted as first lady after her mother was killed by an assassin targeting
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her father, who himself was killed by his security chief five years later. he ruled over a period of dizzying economic growth and gramm repression. she laid out the kind of country she wanted to help build in her five-year term. >> we need to work together towards a new era of hope so that we can all become partners, meaningful in a new chapter. >> it was a central platform in her campaign to make sure that a wider section of society benefited from the miraculous rise of south korea. she also called on north korea to abandon its nuclear weapons and promised to chart a new pact with pyongyang. >> by honoring promises that have already been made, it is my hope that north korea will abide by international norms and make the right choice so that the process on the peninsula can move forward.
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>> she campaigned on engaging with north korea and the recent rocket launch and nuclear test notwithstanding, she affirmed that desire today. no specifics on the policy at or how pyongyang will react. >> state media chose to show scientists in north korea being congratulated by government figures. since the nuclear test they have already promised a second and third measure with greater intensity. engagement any time soon will be tough. there is skepticism about her promise to democratize the south korean economy. her official policy document is canton detail about tackling the power of corporate giants. she has a reputation as someone who keeps our promises and as she enters the promise -- the presidential palace, her childhood home, she has the opportunity to try. >> next on al-jazeera, cuba
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without a castro? the brother says that the dynasty is coming to an end. the winners of this year's oscars. one star so excited that she tripped on the way to the stage. ♪ >> hello again. across many parts of the middle east that has been very unsettled recently. we can see one area of wet weather gradually sweeping its way in, bringing us a fair amount of wintry weather as we had to the day on tuesday. quite a bit of snow is expected towards the west. looking fine and settled for most of us during tuesday. in terms of the temperature we're looking at 25 in baghdad. a bit from -- a bit further south of the wind is strong and
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it looks like quite a blustery day on tuesday as well. 23 degrees will be the maximum. no higher than that. clear skies across the arabian peninsula continuing across many parts of india. for most of us it is fine and settled, it is just the far north where you might see some wet weather. also affecting us through pakistan as well, the rain will be pretty heavy and could cause quite a few problems across the southern parts of africa. here it is mostly fine and settled, but just in the far north you can see the shower clouds that will be with us for the next couple of days. stretching all of the way eastn
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the tv. -- link tv. ♪ >> hello again. the top stories on al-jazeera, syria is now ready to talk to armed groups to put an end to two years of civil war. the foreign minister said that just ahead of a meeting with his russian counterpart in moscow the armed rebels said that they were ready as the president steps down. the first female president of south korea has taken her first oath of office. she used her inauguration speech to call on north korea to abandon the nuclear ambitions immediately. the head of the roman catholic
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church in scotland has resigned after allegations of inappropriate behavior with other priests. let's go live to london as lawrence, our correspondent is there with more on this. the cardinal denies that there were allegations -- denied the allegations revolving around his stepping down. >> it is clearly serious. he was a cardinal, the most senior catholic in britain, he was due to go to a conclave to help to elect the next pope. he cannot do that now. it is the part of the reason the allegations came out at the time that they did. three priests and a former priest around st. andrews, that area of central scotland, making these abuse allegations against him to a sunday newspaper. he then did not turn up on sunday to mass in scotland, which is a first, the first time
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the conversation there found out that something was up. he spent the rest of sunday behind-the-scenes. he has come out and tendered his resignation. the vatican has been told about it and it has said that they will have a look at it. yet again because of his status in the church, it is yet more embarrassment and more allegations of abuse inside the catholic church. >> lawrence, reporting live from london. thank you. the cuban president, raul castro, has announced that he will step down when his new term ends in 2018. this could be the end of the castro family rule in cuba. >> representing the last half century of cuban leadership, the aging former president, fidel castro, makes his rare public appearance as his younger brother and his his second term
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in office with a stunning but perhaps predictable announcement. >> i want to make clear that in my case depending on the date the constitution is perfected, this will be my last mandate. >> seen in a rising star as first vice president. the 52-year-old will become the visible successor to the cuban presidency. >> this decision shows particular historic transcendence as it represents a step towards the configuration of the natures future leadership through the gradual and organize transfer of key roles to new generations. >> in the capital people reacted with guarded optimism. much of the population has only known a castro at the helm. >> this should improve a bit. it will improve a little. we are a bit stock. >> young people should be able to get ahead. we must renew the country's
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structure. it does not always have to be the same people in charge. >> the last five years, cuba hasn't witnessed considerable economic and social reforms, but remains under strict u.s. embargo which come up be lifted while a castro is in charge. if role keeps his word, that era will end in five years. >> in venezuela land distribution from the rich to the poor have been -- has been one of the key policies of hugo chavez. thousands of landowners were forced to give up their property. many are still waiting for some kind of compensation. >> venezuela is a country that is rich in land. there seems no end to it in the fertile hills. but over many years many privately held tracks have been claimed by the state in the name of the people. when the government took this land it was with the pledge that
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they would build a factory to help in the lives of the everyday people. so far there are no signs of construction and it has been that way for four years. for the family that once owned this property there is no sign of compensation. that family is represented by elizabeth, who inherited all the land from her father. she said the property was taken by the government without notice or talk of compensation. >> i feel so bad that when the land was expropriated, when you have property it should be yours. it is not fair that the government takes away from you overnight. >> you can see projects of other land that has been reclaimed. millions have been expropriated. a policy that the government has said help of the rural poor and increased agricultural output. there economists say it is the only way to advance the
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socialist revolution. >> the truth is that if the land is not producing food must be nationalized. we cannot have all of the land in the hands of the few. it is necessary to increase production of food so that farmers can be brought in to grow corn and rice and capitalists can be expelled. >> though the old property remains in use, she is paying taxes on land that she has ever used, in hopes that one day she will get it back or received compensation. >> the military in mali is reassessing their final campaign to flush fighters out of their desert hideouts. on sunday the army displayed dozens of weapons from the rebels. the chief shows that the enemy is tougher than expected. he said they had vast stockpiles of weapons and could be getting
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support from others in the regions. >> a strong likelihood that weapons could come from senate all. >> the kenyan presidential candidates will go -- senate all -- senate all -- senegal. >> the kenyan presidential candidates. >> a voter cast his ballot for the next kenyan president. it is literally a choice between mangoes and pineapples. it is a bill -- bewildering sixth tier election, complex. as we enter the last week of the campaign the candidates are preparing for their final encounter. two weeks ago they met in the first-ever televised presidential debate in kenya. one of the leading candidates
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accused organizers of bias and has threatened to boycott the next one. >> from what came out subsequently they may have appreciated it, but because of the personality and ethnicity, i give up on the price. >> one of the issues to be tackled as the question of land. the debate will cover other topics, but it is central to kenyan politics. it is also a problem for [indiscernible] whose family is one of the biggest landowners in the nation. >> it is because [indiscernible] huge tracts of land.
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they are also -- the possibilities are that they will not do it. >> it down here in the workshop and here, people are paying an enormous amount of attention to the discussion. [loud banging] >> joseph has been pounding for over 25 years. he has worked in a workshop and had a conversation about football or politics. >> in the second round we will see if there is any change from what they have said before, but i have already decided. if there is anything else that can change my view, i am open to it. >> the outcome still matters.
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>> they have said that they have found horse meat in meatballs for ikea, furniture giant. the meat had been labeled as pork and beef. the meat balls were made in and imported from sweden. >> the 85th annual academy awards ceremony has wrapped up. best picture went to "argo." daniel day-lewis received best actor for his portrayal of abraham lincoln. jennifer lawrence won best actress for her role in "silver lining playbook." >> the oscar goes to "argo."
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the first lady made a surprise appearance by satellite link from the white house to announce the best picture winner. >> i think everyone in the movie, of the movie, did anything with this movie, you get tanked. i want to thank canada, our friends in iran living under terrible circumstances, i wife. >> as widely expected, daniel day-lewis won the title for best actor for the title role in lincoln. the first actor to receive this award three times. >> i have received more than my fair share of four and in my life and i am thankful to the academy for this beautiful honor. >> jennifer lawrence of
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